bruce willis

Telegraph – Because few of us would say no to an enormous suitcase of cash dumped on our front lawn, Bruce Willis will return to the Die Hard franchise for a sixth time, his first since 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard.

Len Wiseman, co-creator of the Underworld franchise and director of 2007’s Die Hard 4.0, has been teasing the film since 2015, when he announced a title, Die Hard: Year One, on Twitter. The film will be partly set in the past, with John McClane depicted as a rookie cop in Seventies New York.

The young McClane will be played by a different actor, with Willis appearing in scenes that bookend the film. Meaning Willis can collect a hefty paycheck without actually having to stretch his legs too much.

Yes Bruce Willis generally doesn’t care in most of the movies he’s done recently but I’m a sucker for this series…. until the last one. That one was absolutely trash and Jai Courtney was pretty miscast as John McClane’s son. After that came out to fucking dismal reviews I was hoping that the series would just quietly die and maybe be rebooted in 20 years when I don’t care about it anymore. But no, they had to get greedy and make another one. There’s been rumors about this happening for the past few years so I had prepared myself for another bad one that I’d probably still go see in theaters.

Then this Telegraph article came out this morning and I’m furious. They’re retroactively ruining one of the best things about the first one! John McClane may be basically a superhero in the later movies but originally he was just a regular cop who stepped up when terrorists took over Nakatomi Plaza and saved the day. THAT’S THE POINT OF THE MOVIE. He’s not supposed to be a hero before that. Hell his life is kind of shitty, he’s a cop in an estranged marriage. Now we’re going to have some kid playing a younger version of him being a hero set before the first movie. Fuck that, fuck Len Wiseman for producing it, and fuck Willis for coming back for it. Please, just let one of my favorite series die with dignity.

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