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Variety – When looking at today’s seemingly out-of-control politics, it seems like the perfect time for a film about an American political scandal.

On Tuesday, the Writers Guild Theater in Los Angeles became a buzzing hub of activity for the red carpet premiere of the new film, “Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House.”

The film stars Liam Neeson as Mark Felt, the whistleblower FBI agent who earned the nickname “Deep Throat” for leaking top secret information to the press about the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s. Felt’s actions proved disastrous for the White House and President Nixon resigned in light of the leaked information.

When asked about the recent news that he was retiring from action movies, Neeson laughingly said, “It’s not true, look at me! You’re talking in the past tense. I’m going to be doing action movies until they bury me in the ground. I’m unretired.”

Well that was fast. I said it in my previous blog when he announced his retirement but it was the perfect time to step away*. He already had a few more coming out so it wouldn’t be a sudden shock to his fans – they could ease into the idea that he wouldn’t be doing them anymore – and he could really start diving back into dramatic roles again because he fucking crushes those. PLUS his last action movie was slated to be Hard Powder, a tale of a snow plow driver trying to kill drug dealers. That’s the great action movie premise ever and if you disagree you don’t know film.

Now we’re going to be subject to probably another 10 years of these movies coming out where we’ll be able to tell more and more that he just can’t do the stunts anymore and it’s just going to be sad. Even if you don’t go see the movies you’ll end up seeing a trailer or two for them and think “man he just doesn’t have it anymore. should have stopped a long time ago.” Liam, I know you’re a huge Half Glass and Six Pack Cinema (our new movie review podcast – go find in iTunes and smash subscribe and rate 5 stars) fan so please, I’m begging you from the bottom of my heart. Stop making these and just enjoy your old age and getting into some dope ass dramatic roles like Silence.

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*I said in the last blog but I’ll say again here. The story of why he does all these action films it’s actually heartbreaking. His wife passed away and so he started taking all the roles since they were so physically challenging that by the end of each day he was too tired to really think about his deceased wife and used it as a coping mechanism. So if this is why he’s coming back to them then I’m all for it and will go see every one of them in the theater to support him.