I don’t have any special insight into this or anything – I’m no sports analyst. HOWEVA (Stephen A. voice) this football season has been absolutely brutal for me (both FSU and Bears fan) so this change up makes me actually excited to watch the Bears again. At least until he gets destroyed and I realized once again our problems aren’t with just one position but our team top-to-bottom.

When we first drafted Trubisky I actually didn’t hate it like 90% of people on the internet just thought it wasn’t worth the trade deal to move up since it seems like no one was interested in him that early. That being said, I think if Trubisky can somehow manage to elevate our team enough to just not embarrass us like Glennon did against the Packers (plus also hopefully win some games) I think the majority of fans will forget about the trade and start to get aboard the Mitchell hype train. Can’t wait for them all to join me.

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