The Mountain Between Us- Oct 6th

If this happened to me I’d be dead within an hour by choice. I’m not about to watch someone else go through this shit if I couldn’t even bare to deal with it to save my own life. And they show a dog in that screenshot. Where the fuck did they find a dog on the top of a mountain?


Blade Runner 2049- Oct 6th

Want to know a secret? I haven’t seen the original Blade Runner. It’s never interested me. But ever since I saw the first teaser with Ryan Gosling I’ve been 100% on board. But this comes out in 4 days and I still haven’t bothered to see the original so that says a lot about my procrastination. I’ll see it soon I swear.


Happy Death Day- Oct 13th

I’m so sick of the ground hog day routine. Didn’t we just do a time loop movie last year? Yep, Before I Fall and I never had any interest in that either. PASS


The Foreigner- Oct 13th

Honestly I don’t have time for a cheap Jackie Chan and Peirce Brosnan action film. I’ll admit I like the concept but its pretty heavy into the “gimme the names” thing and not enough of anything else to care about.


Marshall- Oct 13

I’ll wait to judge this movie after I see it, but judging by Chadwick Boseman’s record on historical movies I don’t hold much hope.  This dude has played Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and now Thurgood Marshall? Jesus give it a rest.  But Josh Gad is a solid co-star so maybe he can sprinkle a little Olaf magic on this thing.


Geostorm- Oct 20th

If there’s one thing I love in movies it’s original ideas. The world getting control of the weather and then being attacked by somebody manipulating that program to use weather against them? Holy hell that’s awesome. with Gerard Butler??? TAKE MY MONEY


The Snowman- Oct 20th

NOPE. fuck this movie. I know its October and Halloween is around the corner and this might actually be pretty good but I’m out on it for right now.


Only The Brave- Oct 20th

Miles Teller is always awesome Part 1.
I absolutely hate when anything is referred to as “the seal team 6 of…” its a bullshit line that means absolutely nothing. That being said, I’m mildly interested in this one. Truth be told- I’ve never really understood what these guys do to stop forest fires. Should be really educational.


Jigsaw- Oct 27th

I’ve made it very clear that I am not a fan of horror movies. Like, at all. But here’s a twist- I can’t get enough of the Saw franchise. The first one was almost life-changing for me. The second one was absolute shit, but the rest were pretty decent. I’m so jacked up to see how Jigsaw is still alive and how he’s upped the anti on royally fucking with people as they die. It should be incredible. #InJigsawITrust


Thank You For Your Service – Oct 27th

Miles Teller is awesome Part 2.
This one hits all the feels and I’ll watch it with my hand over my heart. A lot of people can’t separate soldiers from politics, hopefully this will help them figure it out.


Suburbicon- Oct 27th

This movie. This is my brand of weird to a T. I absolutely love how strange the interactions are and how seemingly aggressive they are while still maintaining a very calm line of emotions. It’s beautiful. It’s not often you can tell who wrote a movie just from the first 30 seconds of the trailer, but this was so obvious it was Coen brother material.  And George Clooney directed it??? HUZZAH WE HAVE A WINNER. Oh and Matt Damon!?! This one is gold.