How could this one possibly flop? It’s got Key from Key & Peele. It’s got Robin from HIMYM. It’s got Fred fuckin Savage. It’s got that loud hilarious guy from the last season of Parks & Rec (Billy Eichner). The director created Forgetting Sara Marshal and Neighbors. It’s a Netflix Sitcom… Again, how could this possibly flop? I don’t know.

I’m still not sure if its bad. I think it was. I mean, I laughed out loud a few times. I voluntarily watched the entire season. I never considered not finishing it. BUT I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it. In fact I’m going to say this was one of the most unpleasant watches I’ve experienced in a long time. (excluding mother!) I’ve never hated an entire cast of characters so much (excluding mother!), this was a collection of some of the worst people on the planet who were incapable of stopping themselves from ruining eachothers lives. It was insane.

BUT like I said, I laughed. Like at this scene

That’s just some good healthy humor. Wonderful stuff.

BUT then we’re supposed to believe Key can’t help himself from cheating on the beautiful Cobie Smulders with that sad excuse for a woman/walking skeletor bitch-lady? Laughable but not. Shit was gross. Look at that sexy body. friends-from-college-additional-season-1-photo008-1499376480324_1280w.jpg

Of course this is just one example of the dozens of things that make you upset while watching it, but it is for sure the most egregious offense.

I hear they’re filming a second season too. Can’t wait to hate-watch that one.