Now I don’t mean in the technical sense that it’s back. I know the new season is well underway. After a bit of a snoozer for episode 1, it took another go  for me to really feel that this show is officially back. Larry’s getting involved in religious wars, he’s befriending hookers and giving them career advice, all the while leading the crusade against menial cookie tongs. It’s business as usual in the Curb universe, and I feel like it’s finally starting to heat up.

We also have a new character “Swat”, Larry’s hired “security” assigned to protect him from any threats the Ayatollah may have sent his way.  In reality, he follows Leon in mooching the shit off of LD, spreading out in Larry’s mansion demanding softer towels and putting a restriction on stone fruits. The second hand awkwardness we all know and love from this show.


It drove me crazy how little they used Leon last season. Of all the cast members on the show, Larry’s interactions with him are by FAR the funniest. These two people couldn’t be more different, yet they vibe off each other so well. Take this scene from last season when he drives Larry’s Prius cross country and shows up on his door step in Manhattan. It doesn’t even cross Leon’s mind that he took some guys car, totally TRASHED it doing god knows what with god knows who for thousands of miles, and showed up at his house unannounced.  Polar opposites in looks, mindset, socioeconomic background, age, etc. yet they act like they were college roommates.

So it’s great to see them involve him in more scenes, and I hope we get a lot more of this as the season moves on. They promoted Larry as sort of a Batman figure in the teasers leading up to the season, and Leon is his Black, poorly dressed Robin. I just felt like throwing this blog out there because J.B. Smoove doesn’t get nearly enough credit for what he brings to this show. Just electricity every time he enters a room.

I need Jeff, Larry, and Leon to have more scenes like the opening hotel dialogue in the beginning of Season 9 Episode 2. More of this rag tag crew discussing how to best protect larry from international assassins.  Hell, just go to Vegas for an episode, it would be appointment TV.