When talking about and reviewing movies there’s always a degree of personal taste that affects someone’s opinion. There’s never an absolute right or wrong, never a definite good or bad. Somewhere in the world there will be someone who can find something to like about almost anything.

Except The Snowman.

Weekly Poster The Snowman.jpg

Yes, it’s truly that bad. Not a single person can say they enjoyed this movie- that’s a factual statement, not an opinion. Why? Because it wasn’t finished. The director came out and said they straight up didn’t even film 15% of the script… Imagine that? This movie is such a piece of shit that the DIRECTOR is holding his hand up in agreement and giving excuses instead of defending his work. Probably because he knows it’s inexcusable. The reason it wasn’t finished was because of the budget and a “tight shooting schedule” which might be the worst excuse possible. That’d be like a chef saying “sorry your meal was only 85% cooked, the kitchen was closing and I had to go home”. Ridiculous right? I have no idea how the studio allowed this to happen. You could say I’m befuddled.

I tried to sit down and write out my thoughts in preparation for our Six Pack Cinema podcast (like, rate, subscribe) and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t track a single character from beginning to end without having substantial questions that were never answered. I couldn’t give a good reason why the killer fell through the ice at the end without a looney-toons-esque saw from underneath the ice.  I couldn’t figure out all the clues the killer supposedly left Harry Hole (real name) to solve the case- and what’s more I couldn’t figure out why the killer wanted to give clues in the first place.