If you don’t know what the heck you just watched it was a trailer for Netflix’s next big movie, Bright. I’ve heard a bit about this movie for months – the originally released a teaser and another short trailer over the summer and I thought it looked interesting but nothing amazing. After watching this trailer though I have to say I’m kind of excited for this to release. Looks like they’re going for a mix of Lord of the Rings and End of Watch which could be either amazing or too shlocky/corny. HOWERVA Will Smith looks like he’s back in his Bad Boys element playing a cop and Joel Edgerton usually delivers a solid performance and it looks like Netflix is definitely spending the money on effects.

Honestly the thing that has me most excited for this is Will Smith. He hasn’t given a great performance in awhile because he was chasing an Oscar but this seems like he’s said fuck it and gone back to what he’s good at: funny badass characters. Plus End of Watch is on my Mt. Rushmore of movies so if this is half as good I’ll be very happy. Let me know what y’all think of the trailer in the comments below or on twitter at @dgood826