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SOURCE –  (Click the link and read this bullshit story.) Two detectives from upstate New York approached the elderly, white-haired woman suffering from dementia at the Lowell nursing facility where she has lived since 2001. She is known to the staff as Flora Harris, a frail patient who has difficulty communicating and, as far as anyone knows, no living relatives. But 42 years after a mysterious disappearance that was never solved, the detectives from Sullivan County, N.Y., believed she could help them…. (blah blah blah bunch of stuff, we’ll get to it)
“She avoided any police contact in all those years,” Chaboty said. “We don’t know where she’s been until the medical records start getting detailed in the ’90s.”

Long story short: This girl got dropped off at a doctors appointment in upstate New York 42 years ago by her “companion” and she wasn’t there when he went back to pick her up. Nobody’s seen her since. She was 34 years old at the time. POOF gone. Fast forward to present day, two cops find her in a nursing home in Lowell, MA with dementia.

This article/the internet seems to think this is a fluff story with a happy ending… FUCK. THAT. I’m onto this old lady. I can’t figure out why nobody else is. She’s into some shady shit and I refuse to let her off the hook just because she ALLEGEDLY has dementia (wink wink).

Why did she disappear? Was she into drugs? Did she just run away? Was she abducted? Sold to human traffickers? Locked in a room until she went insane?
Why hasn’t she felt the need to contact a single person that knew her for the first 34 years of her life? Is she hiding? She must be hiding. I find it incredibly hard to believe someone can float off grid for 42 years accidentally. This woman stinks of guilt.

We can debate her reasons for disappearing all day long but because of her “dementia” she can’t give us any answers. Case is dead. But one thing there is no debate over is the fact that she’s racked up a massive tab that the good tax-paying people of shit-kicker New York have had to pay all these years. Flora Harris you are OBNOXIOUS.