Flora Harris

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Flora she was all over twitter today after being found 42 years after she disappeared. It’s a heartwarming story – she got an amazing vacation for four decades and now her family gets to know she’s alive. Everybody wins.

Well our fearless leader, Sheehan, just released a hit piece on her and I won’t stand for it. Remember this is the man who also trashed the good name of deep fried Oreos like some kind of monster. He thinks Flora was up to some shady shit just because she disappeared for a few decades. Well he’s an idiot. All Flora is was what any of was would do if we had the ingenuity to pull it off. Who among us hasn’t looked around and thought, “man I’d really like to leave this all behind and start over fresh having learned from my past”? Whether you admit it or not the truth is every single person on the planet has thought this from the lady at the 7/11 by my office all the way to the Dalai Lama. Getting to run away and leave behind all your responsibilities is LITERALLY THE DREAM. Personally I think Sheehan is just looking for reasons to hate her because he’s incredibly jealous of her but instead he comes off looking like a conspiracy theorist.

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