I’ll admit I’ve been slacking on my blog life recently. That makes me sad because I really like blogging, so I decided to take a look at the ol’ r/entertainment subreddit to find something worthwhile to blog about. I usually like to keep it light and happy, and if I can’t do that then I’ll take something bad and find the silver lining. Easy stuff usually.
Well… no. Apparently it’s not that easy anymore.

Hollywood acusations.JPG

Look at that bullshit. LOOK. AT. IT. This is the “Entertainment” news section of the internet and it’s peppered with accusations of rape, pedophilia, harassment, the works. And maybe worst of all someone on this planet is trying to defend Jar Jar Bink’s contribution to the star wars universe. This is a MESS!

I’ve already done a sexual harassment in Hollywood blog in which I spin zoned it into not talking about sexual harassment. Do you know how difficult it is to skate around that issue? Do you have any idea how much dedication it takes to keeping your head buried in the sand? It’s exhausting. I can’t keep doing this for the next 4 months.

Yes, I said 4 months. The Oscars are just over 4 months away. WHICH MEANS Award Szn is only 1 month away from being in full swing. Unfortunately this season might be overrun with news like this, which is a real bummer. So I’ll just have to pack my lunch pail every morning and go to work mining the internet for nonsense stories to blog about while ignoring the crushingly sad reality that is Hollywood. So expect to see more happy-go-lucky blogs chronicling the state of depression of Ben Affleck, or the current skinny/fat status of Jonah Hill.  No worries, I’m going to make sure we all still have a great time together on this one.