First full trailer dropped for I, Tanya this morning and it looks like a goddamn delight. I only know the barebones of the Tonya Harding story but from what I can remember it’s pretty crazy. Not looking up what actually happened again until after I see the movie because I feel like I’ll enjoy it more that way. Big fan of both Sebastian Stan and Margot Robbie and judging from the trailer they look great. More Margot than Sebastian but I’m sure he’ll have his moments. But that leads me to another point: back when Wolf of Wall Street came out everyone thought Margot Robbie was just a hot chick who wouldn’t really become an impressive actress but she’s incredible. Doesn’t even look that great in this but completely sells the crazy character we’re presented with. Which brings me to my power ranking of actresses:

4. Margot Robbie

margot robbie wolf

Like I said before, she blew onto the scene in Wolf of Wall Street and everyone thought she was just some smokeshow who wouldn’t amount to being a great actress because her character was kind of a ditz. Since then she’s been in Focus, Suicide Squad, Goodbye Christopher Robin, Tarzan, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and Z for Zachariah. While not all of those are good movies she’s always delivered a great performance. Hell she was one of the few thinks I found good about Suicide Squad – that plus I, Tonya show she can tap into that crazy chick vibe well and that’s just bonus points for me. AND she’s Australian! Just listen to her talk in this video and tell me you’re not falling in love with her. You for sure can’t.

margot robbie bathmargot robbie white dressmargot robbie gif

3. Natalia Dyer

natalia dyer

Now I fully understand and admit that Natalia is in here and above Margot most likely because I just binged Stranger Things 2 over the weekend. I don’t even know much about Natalia outside of the fact that she’s in Stranger Things. But the heart wants what the heart wants and Natalia plays Nancy and I’m in love with Nancy. I have been since I saw season 1 last year but honestly she had slipped my mind. Until approximately 3 minutes into the new season when all my feelings came rushing back.

So simply for playing Nancy she gets a spot on this list.

natalia stranger thingsnatalia stranger things2natalia dyer gif

2. Natalie Dormer


Natalie Dormer played my girl Margary on Game of Thrones and ABSOLUTELY got shafted. She deserved to sit on that throne in the end and only died because Cersei is a crazy fucking bitch. But besides that – all of the interviews I’ve seen her in she just comes across as a cool chick. Plus she runs marathons and manages to pull off the half shaved head look so that’s an instant win in my book.

nat2nat4natalie dormer gif


and my all time top actress is……..

1. Anna Kendrick


My girl AK is straight up the GOAT of potato sack girls. I’ll admit I was late to the game because she’s been crushing it in movies and on stage her whole life but back in 2012 I got dragged into seeing Pitch Perfect (great movie btw) and almost immediately fell head over heels in love with her character. Then I saw her in interviews and learned she’s basically the same person in real life. So she’s down to earth, funny, and cute. You’re probably thinking “well that’s it then” well you’d be wrong. She’s also a small town girl which means she’s just a better person than any of us who grew up around cities. Sorry that’s just a fact of life. If you grew up in a small town you’re a better person. She can also turn into a straight up smokeshow when she needs to. For being a goddamn quintuple threat she gets the number 1 spot of my actress power rankings.

ak2ak gifak3