Bad Moms Christmas – Nov 1st

As much as I thought I’d hate it, I really think this might be one I watch every Christmas. It’ll be on the shelf next to Its Always Sunny Christmas and Four Christmases for the night when you feel “I’m getting too old to enjoy Christmas and everything sucks” nights.


Thor: Ragnarok – Nov 3rd

It’s awesome. You already knew it would be. Must Watch.


The Killing of a Sacred Deer – Nov 3rd

Jesus. When did Colin Farrell get so fucking weird. When I saw it was from the same director as the Lobster I was completely out. This will suck. It will try to be arsty and deep and intentionally uncomfortable and it will miss the mark and just be bad. Just like The Lobster 


Murder on the Orient Express – Nov 10th

This has been one of my most anticipated movies of the year. I think it looks incredible. It’s like Clue but not dumb. It’s a classic who-done-it but without a lot of complications. Its simple, someone was murdered on the train which has been stopped. They need to find the murderer. Boom.
Truthfully, I’ll love anything with Josh Gad until he puts out something bad. Hasn’t happened yet.


Daddy’s Home 2 – Nov 10th

Classic case of “I couldnt be bothered to see the first one but this sequel looks awesome”. Same thing that happened to me with the Twilight series and that was a disappointment. (I was promised vampires vs werewolves, they lied) I can’t imagine this one being worth watching BUT I can’t help but thinking it is. I’m lost. I’m gonna end up seeing it. I know it.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Nov 10th (limited)

I fell in love with this trailer, and then I found out its an early favorite for the Academy Award. I love the cast, I love the plot, I love the attitude. I love everything about it.


Justice League – Nov 17th

Remember back in Batman V Superman when the biggest complaint was “too many explosions”? Classic DC solution is to answer those complaints is to do the complete opposite. I really don’t want Justice League to suck, but I think it’s going to suck. Everyone pray for Ben Affleck’s depression.


Wonder – Nov 17th

Nope. Too sad. I can’t do sadness of this level. I’m sad just thinking about how sad I’m going to be when I end up watching this sad movie.


Roman J. Israel, Esq. – Nov 17th

You know what we have here? We have all witnessed the exact moment Denzel became an old man. He must’ve aged 10 years over the last 2. His mouth suddenly gave out and is sagging hard. He had a good run though.
… oh and yeah, this movie looks ok. Forgettable, but ok nonetheless.


Polaroid – Nov 22nd

What the hell is going on here? This movie was supposed to come out Aug 25th, what happened??? WHY IS IT TRYING TO SNEAK UP ON ME AGAIN?!? I’ll refer you back to my previous comment in August: “I got 20 seconds into this before giving my screen the finger and walking away. Goodnight and goodluck.”
I swear if this movie pops up again in a couple months I’m quitting. If I find myself living in a horror film situation being haunted by a trailer I may legitimately kill myself.