Deadpool’s marketing department should receive their paychecks in the form of wheelbarrows full of cash. NOBODY does what they do with this level of quality and attention. Nobody.

This is the second teaser to drop unexpectedly. I wrote about the first one which debuted alongside the Logan premiere. That one was just a self-contained skit with tons of fake/maybe real easter eggs peppered across the screen. THIS one has another awesome skit BUT ALSO HAS 10 seconds of quick clips giving us our first look at the movie. LOTS of potential information in there. If you care to analyze it then there are dozens of YouTube videos that do just that, but those are just nerds who study comic books. Logical nerds like myself know better. These movies just use the comics as a reference and take a lot of liberties to make it their own. That being said, there are a few things that stand out to me as potentially important or mildly interesting, but the extent of my contribution would be “whoa that’s cool”.

There is one thing that I think deserves a lot of attention which the internet is seemingly overlooking, just like the phone call in the first teaser. I want to know what the hell is on that painting that made Deadpool freak out.

deadpool painting.JPG

First: What is it?
It’s a blotchy red/pink/brown mess. It has a hole in the middle. It looks like it was done in finger paints. It’s a disaster to try and decipher so I took the liberty of enhancing this image to help the world out. You’re welcome.


Yup. Just as I suspected. That doesn’t help us at all. At first I thought it looked like the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes, which makes no sense but whatever- the heart sees what it sees. My gut says Taz despite knowing it can’t be. Or can it? That’s the fun with a mystery. The next shot shows a thanksgiving dinner scene, so is this a sad attempt at painting an uncooked turkey? Pretty good odds on that being the case. Whatever it actually may be, that hole in the center bugs me. It’s as if it’s cartoon that’s been shot. (Taz!) Things with holes from bullets are a major recurring visual in the comics. I think I’m onto something with that. But of course I could be on to nothing because it’s probably meaningless.

Second: why did it appear? And why did Deadpool freak out? It’s impossible to know, but what I HOPE it means is that there is someone else in Deadpool’s head at the controls. That’s the main story arch from the comic series that got me hooked on Deadpool. He’s got voices in his head, which will be incredible if that’s the case in this one.

If you think Deadpool was awesome in the first movie, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much better he is as a schizophrenic.