It’s been a while since I checked in on Ben. He’s my favorite reoccurring topic on this site. Last time we talked about him his brother was throwing him under the bus and he was dating some SNL producer. Things were going pretty OK for him considering the debacle his life has become, but we all knew that wouldn’t last long.

The Grope Accusation:
Enter the Weinstorm of 2017. Every man in Hollywood is being accused of a variety of lewd acts ranging from uncomfortable comments to outright rape. It’s been a wild month that nobody has found any joy in.
Ben Affleck made a public statement condemning Harvey Weinstein, the person who launched his career after buying Good Will Hunting, and almost promptly got sucked into the mix himself. Hilarie Burton accused him of groping her once on TRL, an incident which was actually broadcast on live TV.  Now, you could say this is unlucky for Ben because the video evidence is there, BUT you could also make the argument he’s lucky because it shows exactly what happened. There’s no opportunity for someone to misunderstand and assume he raped or aggressively groped Hilarie. I never blogged this because I didn’t think it was right to make light of this stuff. I’m very proud of myself for showing some mature restraint.
-Off the record, I kind of think Hilarie saying she fought back tears after this incident is bullshit. Not saying its ok to do, and I can’t put myself in her shoes, but I’d think “felt uncomfortable” would be more accurate than “fought back tears”. There are other victims who really fought back tears because of much more horrific stuff… But like I said, this comment is off the record.

The Colbert Interview:

This is the 2nd half of that interview which happened last week. Colbert brings up the accusation against Ben in which he SNEAKS in “…some of which you’ve apologized for“… like c’mon Colbert give Benny boy a chance!! Don’t murder him on camera like that!!
The main takeaway from this interview is the fact that Ben Affleck is the most uncomfortable and awkward person to be on camera who also makes a living by being on camera. This was brutal from start to finish. It was like watching a 16 year old boy have a conversation with the father of a girl he’s taking on a first date. He looks like he could break into hives at any moment…

The Rash:
After his cringe-worthy Colbert interview, Ben walked out of the building looking like this…

WOOF!! Rough day at the office. This HAS to be the first signs of a nervous breakdown. Maybe it’s just a reaction to the makeup they used, but probably not. He was so uncomfortable that he stressed himself into a rash. Not a lot to break down here. It’s pretty straight forward, but another solid chapter in the saga of Ben Affleck’s demise.
Justice League and bailing on The Batman:
The early reports aren’t good. Supposedly Justice League could lose Warner Bros. almost $100 million, which sounds a bit steep but hey if Business Insider is reporting that- I have no choice but to believe it. Rotten Tomatoes is a bullshit website these days and has it listed at 40% critic rating, ALTHOUGH it shows an 84% audience score which is very good, all things considered. I haven’t seen it yet but I personally love Ben’s Batman. He did a great job in Batman Vs Superman despite it being a shit movie. I’m a full supporter of Ben in the bat suit but rumors are still swirling that he’s looking to bail on the upcoming solo movie The Batman, and it’s been reported that Jake Gyllenhall is the director’s favorite to replace him. The fact that Ben is dead-set on getting out of this role is a huge red flag that points in the direction of him trying to disappear entirely. I don’t blame him either. He has to live with his ex wife for some reason. The man lives in an actual hell.