I’m officially opening it up. I’m declaring it AWARD SEASON. It’s the 3 months that consist of exhausting movie watching and nonsensical debates on director choices. Save this page in your favorites because I’m doing you a solid service: Not only am I giving you the complete schedule of relevant Award Season dates, but I’ve taken the time to explain each one and why they’re different. This should be your reference guide from now until March 4th when it culminates into the greatest spectacle we know- The Oscars.

Tuesday, November 21 – Independent Spirit Awards Nominations
Monday, November 27 – Gotham Independent Film Awards
Tuesday, November 28 – National Board of Review Awards
Thursday, November 30 – Critic’s Choice Nominations
Thursday, November 30 – New York Film Critics Circle Awards

Thursday, December 7 – AFI Nominations
Sunday, December 10 – Critic’s Choice Awards
Monday, December 11 – Golden Globe Nominations
Wednesday, December 13 – Screen Actors Guild Nominations

Thursday, January 4 – Writers Guild America Nominations
Friday, January 5 – AFI Awards
Friday, January 5 – Producers Guild of America Nominations
Saturday, January 6 – National Society of Film Critics Awards
Sunday, January 7 – Golden Globe Awards
Tuesday, January 9 – BAFTA Nominations
Tuesday, January 9 – People’s Choice Awards
Wednesday, January 10 – Directors Guild Film Nominations
Thursday, January 11 – Directors Guild TV + Documentary Nominations
Saturday, January 20 – Producers Guild of America Awards
Sunday, January 21 – Screen Actors Guild Awards
Tuesday, January 23 – The Academy Awards Nominations

Saturday, February 3 – Directors Guild of America Awards
Saturday, February 11 – Writers Guild of America Awards
Sunday, February 18 – BAFTA Awards

MARCH 2018
Saturday, March 3 – Razzie Awards
Saturday, March 3 – Independent Spirit Awards
Sunday, March 4 – The Academy Awards

Gotham Independent Film Awards– (27th year)
Another independent film award show, but this one is held in NYC. The original purpose was to “showcase and honor films made primarily in the northeast region of the United States”… although you don’t expect them to follow their own rules do you? Of the 5 movies nominated for “Best Feature”, only 2 should qualify. One is filmed in Florida (the fucking title is “The Florida Project”), another in Georgia, and another was filmed in Italy which isn’t even in the United States let alone the northeast region. Given this information, I call shenanigans on the Gotham awards.

New York Film Critics Circle Awards– (83rd year)
This is a special one. Basically a bunch of New Yorkers who write for the daily & weekly newspapers, magazines and online publications decided they should give out awards that honor excellence in the cinematic world once a year. New Yorkers being New Yorkers. They’re pretty important and they matter.

National Board of Review Awards– (108th year)
These are the oldest awards for movies. They started handing out trophies only 14 years after the first movie was made. Pretty cool I suppose. I tried reading up on the NBR to figure out what the difference is between them and the Academy awards, and the best I can tell is they’re the people that rate and censor everything, which means they’re paying attention to the details. This one checks out, I’ll give them my seal of approval.

Critic’s Choice Awards– (23rd year)
I think you can figure out this one… It’s an award given out by the critics. Which means it’s 110% bullshit.

AFI Awards– (51st year)
While we’re on the topic of bullshit, lets talk about the AFI awards. They’re 51 years old, but you’d think they were started by millennials. The official description is “a non-competitive acknowledgement of excellence that honors ten outstanding films of the year”… holy shit that’s a worthless award.

National Society of Film Critics Awards– (52nd year)
Do you think this sounds like it might be pretty similar to the New York Film Critics Circle Awards? You’d be correct. It’s identical. Someone was so butt-hurt 52 years ago after being denied from joining that New York club that they made their own club. It started in his NYC apartment. I have no respect for this award, but I respect the hell out of the guy who started it.

Golden Globe Awards– (74th year)
Everyone knows about the Globes. It’s like the Junior Oscars. These are run by the Hollywood Foreign Press and they hand out awards for both Movies & TV. What sets them apart is they divide each into Drama and Comedy. This worked out great for a while, until studios started submitting their dramas as comedies because it was an easier category to win despite it making absolutely zero sense. They have bonuses for getting awards, so you know how it goes.

People’s Choice Awards– (44th year)
Here we have a complete mess of trophies to be handed out for everything you can think of. They include movies, tv, music, and “digital”- which includes categories for youtube, video game, mobile game, and social media stars… Its decided by the public so I suppose it’s legit, BUT it’s like voting for class president in high school. The winner is popular, but they usually don’t give a shit about you.

Producers Guild of America Awards– (29th year)
This one is actually pretty cool. It only awards the finished product movie. No actors, no directors, and certainly no costume department. Everything is included in one complete judgement, all the pieces and parts have to work together really well to get this. This might be the most legit award of the year that nobody really pays attention to.

Screen Actors Guild Awards– (24th year)
This is the complete opposite of the Producers Guild of America award, it focuses entirely on the work of actors and actresses. The voting body for the SAG awards is made up of Actors only. It is basically one giant circle jerk, but they get it right occasionally. And OOOHHHH boy they love getting political.

Directors Guild of America Awards– (70th year)
I’m not even going to explain it. If you’ve read the last two then you can figure this one out.

Writers Guild of America Awards– (70th year)
…and another one. We have four award shows that have taken four very important aspects of what makes a movie great and they’ve ripped them apart so they can award them separately.

BAFTA Awards– (69th year)
This is basically the British version of the Academy Awards.

Razzie Awards– (38th year)
aka The Golden Raspberry Awards. Talk about a refreshing change of pace, this show recognizes the worst of the worst in this year’s film. I love it. The all-time leader in wins are Sylvester Stallone- 8 wins with 22 nominations, and Madonna- 9 wins with 15 nominations. I really hope they honor The Snowman at this year’s show. That was truly a masterpiece of bad filmmaking.

Independent Spirit Awards– (32nd year)
An award show that doesn’t allow big studio films into the mix. “independent” films only, although they nominated Get Out which is a Universal Pictures movie, and Call Me By Your Name which is from Sony, so obviously they’re playing it loose and fast with that rule… Fun fact: the show is held inside a tent in a Santa Monica beach parking lot and airs live on IFC the day before the Oscars.

The Academy Awards– (90th year)
This is everything. This is the reason we do what we do. This is what we look forward to every year. THIS IS THE OSCARS.