This wasn’t a difficult realization to arrive at.
The Gotham Awards are the unofficial start of Award Season, which is just a result of early scheduling and has nothing to do with their quality or credibility. I had several issues with the show, and I won’t even touch upon the fact that I was one of only 13,000 people watching their broadcast.

Gotham should brush up on their history because they were originally formed by a bunch of New Yorkers in media to “showcase and honor films made primarily in the northeast region of the United States” (direct quote, look at that). How can you screw that up? I’m not the smartest man but I do know that if a strong majority of a movie was filmed in Italy (Call me by your name), that probably doesn’t qualify it to be nominated here… Oh and a movie called The Florida Project, which surprisingly was filmed in FLORIDA, shouldn’t be nominated either. However they probably just needed to fill out the category because not many films qualified, right?
Whoops I’m wrong. Call Me By Your Name won best feature. (congrats)
But don’t worry, they thought of the idea for the movie in an apartment in the upper east side so it’s cool. call-me-by-your-name-poster-1-1200x520.jpg


Fun Fact: this isn’t actually a category. The nominating committee members for Best Actor & Best Actress just decided to give the cast of Mudbound this special “Gotham Jury Award” because they felt like it. So that’s cool. I have to agree though, that cast was spectacular. Except for one little detail being it was filmed in MISSISSIPPI aka not northeast U.S. (congrats though)mudbound-poster-696x336.jpg


Lets define breakthrough, it means “a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development”. Gotham gave this award to Atlanta, which I would agree with if this were a year ago… because the Season 1 finale of Atlanta aired in Oct 2016, a full month before last year’s Gothams. Maybe they saw this as a “whoops, maybe we should’ve picked Atlanta over that ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ show”. (congrats btw) maxresdefault.jpg


They awarded SIX tributes last night. Six people were honored with a 10 minute presenter’s speech, followed by a 2 minute video, and then a 10 minute acceptance speech. It was EXHAUSTING trying to keep focused during all these pats on the back. So many people honored (Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman, Al Gore, Ed Lachman, Jason Blum, and Sofia Coppola) (congrats)
There was so much time dedicated to these Tribute presentations that you couldn’t help but wonder how many of these honorees might have committed sexual acts of misconduct wanted to be home on the couch.  Maybe if they streamlined these presentations the facebook live feed wouldn’t have cut out at the 4hour mark. You never know. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAhOAAAAJDA5MGZhMzAxLTEyYTctNDcxMC04ZmY4LThhYjI1YTllMjU3Nw.jpg