Netflix debuted their first German language series Dark earlier this week and pretty much just took my brain and dropped it in a washer machine. Highly recommend it. Kind of has that after effect like Interstellar and Inception where you still find yourself thinking about it a day or two later. Below are some brief spoilers that you pretty much find out about in the 1st episode, or even just watching the above trailer.

While Dark has similar aspects to Stranger Things, (a bit of a red flag at first) Its more of an R-rated version that focuses more on the characters pasts rather than the present. Not nearly as PG.  We have murderers that come through black holes, not monsters in an “Upside down”. The kids deal drugs, their parents fuck each other. Much more grown up. While it has similarities, it’s much much darker. It has True Detective Season 1 grit with some incredibly cold cinematography. This is not a show for most age groups like it’s more popular Netflix counterpart.


In terms of premise, Dark is the story of the small town of Winden Germany, a pretty desolate home to one of the countries Nuclear Power plants. It’s tight knit, creepy as fuck, and (SHOCKER!) has a problem with kids going missing. As the town dives deeper into the disappearances, elements of time travel and wormholes are revealed and the dark past of the power-plant comes to light. Time is flat circle kind of shit.


If you do decide to get into Dark, I have a couple recommendations for you. First off, watch it in German. Boo hoo, you gotta read a little bit. I promise its worth it.  By default Netflix has english language dubbed over but it’s just not the same. I switched back and fourth through the first episode, and aside from the dialogue sounding straight out of The Room other background sounds are muffed out that are somewhat essential to the story.

Also, the show gets very confusing at parts. We have people coming and going at different points in their lives, dropping in and out at different points in time ( again confusing), so sometimes its hard to keep track who is who. There are fan made family trees and timelines out there but I recommend holding off until the end.