As a guy that loves gambling, and loves movies I figured it would be a good time to have a little friendly wagering among Half Glass writers for the upcoming Academy Awards. I cashed out my Betdsi account, paid off my credit card bill, and have been on a sports betting hiatus for months. I will gamble on pretty much  anything, so I figured the annual “2 Hour Meat Parade” as perfectly coined by George C. Scott, would be fitting.

As you would imagine, its pretty hard to get your average group of friends together to put some action down on an awards show.  As much I love some easy money, I felt like I would be taking candy from a baby when one friend  promptly said “Wind River, best picture is a lock” when asked  if he was interested. So I decided to reach out to Half Glass instead.

Now, I’m putting this together after some soft commitment from the rest of us here. I totally understand if this doesn’t happen, or falls apart because of the format. I just wanted to start something that we can build on.  If anyone has a better way of setting this up, by all means speak up. If you have more people that want to get in, by all means speak up.

Nominees are not announced yet, and should come on the 23rd of January. So before we get them, lets talk about the format.

We will be only using these categories:

Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress, Cinematography, Directing, Documentary, Animated Feature Film, Costume Design, Visual Effects, Writing (adapted) and Writing ( original)

Sorry if your a big sound mixing guy.

We will have a draft, and each pick will be a nominee. Whatever category you want. You can focus your picks on a category to increase your chances at a win, or you can spread them out. You can not pick one film or nominee for multiple categories. The pick format is nominee/category.

1 Point for category win, most points wins.