Winchester – Feb 2nd

I hate scary movies. I love Helen Mirren though… and I’m a fan of loosely based true stories… I might give it a shot. Probably not though.


15:17 to Paris – Feb. 9th

I’m not familiar with the real story. From what I can tell that guy in the green shirt is a hero obviously (good on him) but I’m also gonna say it looks like he’s a dead person. You don’t just charge a guy with an AK47 with nothing but your fists and have it work out in your favor. I could definitely look it up, but I’m good with waiting for the movie. That’s the right thing to do.


50 Shades Freed – Feb. 9th

I am beyond over this whole saga. Goodbye.


Black Panther – Feb. 16th

Thor was clearly trying to be a Marvel comedy, but this one? This one is trying to be the cool guy Marvel movie and I think its working. Is it that good kind of racist if I think the black guy movie is cooler than the other 18 white guy movies? I dunno. But that theme music is definitely cool guy music. Facts only.


Annihilation – Feb. 23td

I’m giving this one the “February Must Watch” tag simply because I think it is going to be one of those movies that gets referenced in scientific, cinematic, and nerd conversations for years to come. I feel like its been a while since we’ve gotten a good Natalie Portman project, and it’s definitely been way too long since I’ve seen a deer with flower antlers. Looking forward to it.


Game Night – Feb. 23rd

Fun Fact: you put a Westie in anything and I’ll set an appointment to watch it. That bloody dog is the only thing I needed. Rachel McAdams getting ass compliments and that classic Jason Bateman charm are just bonus points after that


Every Day – Feb. 23rd

I fucking hate everything about this movie.