The BAFTA awards just threw a giant wrench into the life of anyone gambling on the Oscars. They gave Three Billboards the nod for BEST PICTURE. Beating out Shape of Water, Darkest Hour, and Dunkirk.
Now obviously we know it’s been close to a coin flip between Shape of Water and Three Billboards for a while now, but Shape has always been the favorite because the Oscars don’t typically go for the rough, obnoxious movies like Billboards. But now? Now I’m thrown for a loop. Billboards taking the win is huge for it’s credibility, and honestly I think I’m going to mark it down to win at the Oscars. Stunning.

Other than the Best Picture, every other category fell in line with the favorites so there weren’t any surprises. None except for the “Outstanding British Film”…


I’m not even going to give this the dignity of over thinking it. Regional categories are completely bullshit and should be forgotten about.